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Byron B.
Home Mechanic

Threading and tapping by hand has usually been a bit of a challenge in the past but not any longer. I recently purchased the Irwin Performance Threading System Drive Tools including Alignment Taps and Dies in SAE and Metric.

Simply drop the die into the handle and twist the lock ring to keep it in place. The die slid over the rod and without any effort started to cut perfectly straight threads. The holder handles felt smooth and comfortable when applying any pressure.

It was the same for tapping once the tap was in the holder and attached to the handle. The alignment part of the tap did its part and again very little effort was needed to cut perfectly aligned threads.

There was no worrying about not having the tools perfectly aligned because they aligned themselves. That left me to simply focus on applying a little pressure until the threads were being cut.

Being a home mechanic (automotive and motorcycle) and a hobbyist for more than 40 years this is the finest set of taps and dies I've used or owned.

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