IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Circular Saw Blades

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series saw blades

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IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Circular Saw Blades Features:

IRWIN is proud to introduce a full line of fine woodworking saw blades that are manufactured in Italy to the highest standards of precision required for fine woodworking and finish carpentry. These industry leading laser-cut, thin kerf saw blades are produced in a highly-automated, state-of-the-art facility in Udine, Italy – the heart of high-quality circular saw blade manufacturing. Engineered with oversized, high-quality carbide, the new Marples Woodworking Series saw blades provide the extended life and flawless finish professional woodworkers and finish carpenters demand.

  • Extra-sharp, oversized carbide teeth are re-sharpenable for long life
    (click here for a resharpening location near you)
  • Precision tensioned for flawless cuts
  • Heat-resistant non-stick coating reduces gumming for easy cleanup and truer, cleaner cuts

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Item #DiameterTooth CountGrindKerfHook AngleATB AngleArbor SizeTool to be used on
180736610"/254mm24ATB.098"/2.5mm15­°10°5/8"Table Saw
180736710"/254mm40TATB.098"/2.5mm15­°10°5/8"Table/Miter Saw
180736810"/254mm50TATB+R.098"/2.5mm15­°15­°5/8"Table/Miter Saw
180736910"/254mm60TATB+R.098"/2.5mm10­°15­°5/8"Table/Miter Saw
180737010"/254mm80THi-ATB.098"/2.5mm10­°30°5/8"Table/Miter Saw
180738110"/254mm84TTCG.098"/2.5mmNA5/8"Table/Miter Saw
180738212"/305mm40TATB.098"/2.5mm15­°10°1"Miter Saw
180738312"/305mm60TATB.098"/2.5mm10­°15­°1"Miter Saw
180738412"/305mm80THi-ATB.098"/2.5mm10­°30°1"Miter Saw
180738512"/305mm96THi-ATB.098"/2.5mm-2°30°1"Miter Saw
180738612"/305mm100TTCG.098"/2.5mmNA1"Miter Saw