WeldTec Miter/Table Saw Blade

Marathon with WeldTec Miter/Table Saw Blade

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WeldTec Miter/Table Saw Blade Features:

The new IRWIN® WeldTec™ Circular Saw Blades are precision engineered to deliver long life and durability without sacrificing speed of cut. Made in Italy, these blades feature exclusive welded carbide teeth for industry-leading strength. The heat resistant non-stick coating reduces binding and gumming so the blades run cooler and and deliver cleaner, truer cuts. Plus, the blades are laser cut with expansion control slots to reduce warping and vibration. The new blades are available for Construction, Demolition and Specialty applications.
  • Ultra thin kerf with exclusive welded carbide teeth for fastest cutting speed and increased durability* — over 25% stronger tooth bond than traditional brazing methods
  • Heat resistant non-stick coating reduces binding and gumming for cleaner, truer cuts
  • Perimeter venting allows faster chip ejection and a strengthened core**
  • Laser cut plate with expansion control slots reduces warping and increases blade control
  • Ring tensioned to maintain balance for straighter cuts**

*compared to IRWIN 24030
**7-1/4” blades and larger

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Item #DescriptionTeethArborKerfHook AngleGrindApplications
49352048-1/2" Miter/Table Saw Blade605/8" and Diamond Knockout2.4mmATBTrim/Finish
19343438-1/2" Miter/Table Saw Blade245/8" and Diamond Knockout1.6mmATBTrim/Finish
19343448-1/2" Miter/Table Saw Blade405/8" and Diamond Knockout1.6mmATBTrim/Finish