QUICK-GRIP® Heavy-Duty One-Handed Bar Clamps

QUICK-GRIP® Heavy-Duty One-Handed Bar Clamps

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QUICK-GRIP® Heavy-Duty One-Handed Bar Clamps Features:

  • The IRWIN® QUICK-GRIP® Heavy-Duty One Handed Bar Clamp evenly distributes up to 600lbs of sustained clamping pressure is one of the top performance One-Handed Bar clamps available
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications such as installation, demolition and rough glue-up
  • Dual removable swivel jaws and non-marring, full-faced pads for even distribution of clamping force
  • Pads can be removed for full contact of the swivel jaws to combat flexing at extreme pressure and to conform to irregular shapes
  • New grip design and Quick-Release™ trigger provide simple, one-handed operation

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Item #DescriptionSpreading CapacityThroat Depth
19647116" (15 cm) HD Bar Clamp/Spreader9-1/4"-14-7/8" (235 mm-378 mm)3-5/8" (92 mm)
196471212" (30 cm) HD Bar Clamp/Spreader9-1/4"-20-7/8" (235 mm- 530 mm)3-5/8" (92 mm)
196471318" (45 cm) HD Bar Clamp/Spreader9-1/4"-26-7/8" (235 mm- 6783 mm)3-5/8" (92 mm)
196471424" (60 cm) HD Bar Clamp/Spreader9-1/4"-32-7/8" (235 mm- 835 mm)3-5/8" (92 mm)
196471536" (91 cm) HD Bar Clamp/Spreader9-1/4"-44-7/8" (235 mm- 1140 mm)3-5/8" (92 mm)
196471650" (127 cm) HD Bar Clamp/Spreader9-1/4"-58-7/8" (235 mm- 1496 mm)3-5/8" (92 mm)