High Speed Steel Fractional Self-Starting

Item # 10231 shown

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High Speed Steel Fractional Self-Starting Features:

  • Single-flute cutting edge for greater control through steps
  • Hex shank prevents slipping in drill chuck
  • Also available with (TiN) coating for longer life
  • New SpeedPoint tip penetrates faster than previous Unibits and prevents walking
  • Ideal for drilling holes into thin materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic and laminates

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Item #DescriptionHole SizesNumber of HolesMaximum Material Thickness
10231#11/8" - 1/2"13 steps1/8"
10232#23/16" - 1/2"6 steps3/8"
10233#31/4" - 3/4"9 steps1/8"
10234#43/16" - 7/8"12 steps1/8"
10235#51/4" - 1-3/8"10 steps1/8"
10239#97/8" and 1-1/8"2 steps1/8"