Multi-Material Jobber Length Bits

Item # 1792767

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Multi-Material Jobber Length Bits Features:

IRWIN Multi-Material drill bits drill through just about any type of material out there – brick, block, tile, metal, wood, plastic and marble – they’ll even drill through multiple materials at the same time. These versatile bits are designed specifically for rotary drilling, but are tough enough to be used with hammer drills.
  • Carbide tip has a unique diamond-ground, four-facet design with sharper cutting edges for centered starts with no walking, fast drilling, and excellent hole quality in a variety of materials.
  • Double-milled flute ensures fast, efficient removal of drilling dust and debris to increase speed and prevent clogging.
  • Compatible with all standard 1/2" and 3/8" chuck drills.

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Item #DescriptionHole SizeOverall LengthFlute Length
4935105Multi-Material Drill Bit 1/8" x 3"1/8"3"2"
4935106Multi-Material Drill Bit 5/32" x 3-1/2"5/32"3-1/2"2-1/2"
4935107Multi-Material Drill Bit 3/16" x 3-3/4"3/16"3-3/4"2-3/4"
1792767Multi-Material Drill Bit 7/32" x 4"7/32"4"3"
4935108Multi-Material Drill Bit 1/4" x 4"1/4"4"3"
1792768Multi-Material Drill Bit 9/32" x 4"9/32"4"3"
4935109Multi-Material Drill Bit 5/16" x 4-3/4"5/16"4-3/4"3-3/4"
1792769Multi-Material Drill Bit 3/8" x 5"3/8"5"4"
1792770Multi-Material Drill Bit 7/16" x 5"7/16"5"4"
1792771Multi-Material Drill Bit 1/2" x 5"1/2"5"4"