Hex Head Power Bits

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Hex Head Power Bits Features:

  • Used commonly in furniture assembly, bicycle maintenance, and manufacturing equipment

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Item #DescriptionPoint SizeOverall Length
93403Hex Head Power Bit1/16"1-15/16"
93405Hex Head Power Bit5/64"1-15/16"
93407Hex Head Power Bit3/32"1-15/16"
93409Hex Head Power Bit7/64"1-15/16"
93411Hex Head Power Bit1/8"1-15/16"
93413Hex Head Power Bit9/64"1-15/16"
93415Hex Head Power Bit5/32"1-15/16"
93419Hex Head Power Bit3/16"1-15/16"
93423Hex Head Power Bit7/32"1-15/16"
93427Hex Head Power Bit1/4"1-15/16"