TORX® Insert Bits

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TORX® Insert Bits Features:

  • Common in automotive and computer industries
  • Ideal for high torque applications

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Item #DescriptionSizeOverall LengthPack Qty
3513091CTORX® Insert BitT71"1
3513121CTORX® Insert BitT81"1
3513151CTORX® Insert BitT91"1
3513181CTORX® Insert BitT101"1
3513211CTORX® Insert BitT151"1
3513241CTORX® Insert BitT201"1
3513271CTORX® Insert BitT251"1
351327XCTORX® Insert BitT251"10
3513301CTORX® Insert BitT271"1
3513331CTORX® Insert BitT301"1
3513361CTORX® Insert BitT401"1
92306TORX® Insert BitT61"1
92309TORX® Insert BitT71"1
92312TORX® Insert BitT81"1
92315TORX® Insert BitT91"1
92318TORX® Insert BitT101"1
92321TORX® Insert BitT151"1
92324TORX® Insert BitT201"1
92327TORX® Insert BitT251"1
92330TORX® Insert BitT271"1
92333TORX® Insert BitT301"1
92336TORX® Insert BitT401"1
92361TORX® Insert BitT301-1/4"1
92365TORX® Insert BitT401-1/4"1
92369TORX® Insert BitT451-1/4"1
92377TORX® Insert BitT501-1/4"1
92381TORX® Insert BitT551-1/4"1