TORX® Power Bits

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TORX® Power Bits Features:

  • Common in automotive and computer industries
  • TORX is a registerd trademark of Acument Intellecutal Properties LLC

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Item #DescriptionSizeOverall Length
3523181CTORX® Power BitT101-15/16"
3523211CTORX® Power BitT151-15/16"
3523241CTORX® Power BitT201-15/16"
3523271CTORX® Power BitT251-15/16"
3523301CTORX® Power BitT271-15/16"
3523331CTORX® Power BitT301-15/16"
3523701CTORX® Power BitT256"
93306TORX® Power BitT61-15/16"
93309TORX® Power BitT71-15/16"
93312TORX® Power BitT81-15/16"
93315TORX® Power BitT91-15/16"
93318TORX® Power BitT101-15/16"
93321TORX® Power BitT151-15/16"
93324TORX® Power BitT201-15/16"
93327TORX® Power BitT251-15/16"
93330TORX® Power BitT271-15/16"
93333TORX® Power BitT301-15/16"
93336TORX® Power BitT401-15/16"
93337TORX® Power BitT72-3/4"
93339TORX® Power BitT82-3/4"
93340TORX® Power BitT92-3/4"
93341TORX® Power BitT102-3/4"
93342TORX® Power BitT152-3/4"
93343TORX® Power BitT202-3/4"
93344TORX® Power BitT252-3/4"
93345TORX® Power BitT272-3/4"
93346TORX® Power BitT302-3/4"
93347TORX® Power BitT402-3/4"
93356TORX® Power BitT73-1/2"
93357TORX® Power BitT83-1/2"
93358TORX® Power BitT93-1/2"
93360TORX® Power BitT153-1/2"
93361TORX® Power BitT203-1/2"
93362TORX® Power BitT253-1/2"
93363TORX® Power BitT273-1/2"
93364TORX® Power BitT303-1/2"
93367TORX® Power BitT106"
93368TORX® Power BitT156"
93369TORX® Power BitT206"
93370TORX® Power BitT256"
93371TORX® Power BitT276"
93372TORX® Power BitT306"
93373TORX® Power BitT406"