IRWIN 21 oz California Framing Hammer

21 oz California Framing Hammer

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IRWIN 21 oz California Framing Hammer Features:

The IRWIN 21 oz California Framing hammer is designed for extended reach and swing velocity. The forged steel head and 15.5" curved hickory handle offer the strength and control demanded of most framing applications.
  • 15.5" handle offers extended reach and impact
  • Axe style hickory handle, curved for control and comfort
  • Forged steel head for superior strength and durability
  • Milled face prevents slippage when striking nail head
  • Magnetic nail holder for hands free versatility when setting a nail
  • Rip claw is ideal for nail removal and prying applications

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1954890IRWIN 21 oz California Framing Hammer21 oz