Impact BOLT-GRIP® Extractors

Impact BOLT-GRIP™ Extractors #1859113

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Impact BOLT-GRIP® Extractors Features:

  • Reverse spiral flutes engineered to provide maximum gripping power to easily remove broken, damaged, or rusted nuts, bolts and screws
  • High carbon steel ensures longer life and greater durability
  • Universal lobular design fits all types of fasteners

*Sold in clam with bolt grip plus relevant adapter
**Sold in bulk with bolt grip only

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Item #SizeBase Hex OAWHead OAWLengthDrive SizeBulk Item #**
18591011/4" / 6mm5/8"27/64"1-3/4"3/8" Square53901
18591025/16" / 8mm5/8"1/2"1-3/4"3/8" Square53902
18591033/8"5/8"39/64"1-3/4"3/8" Square53903
185910410mm3/4"39/64"1-3/4"3/8" Square53904
18591057/16" / 11mm3/4"11/16"1-3/4"3/8" Square53905
185910612mm3/4"3/4"1-3/4"3/8" Square53906
18591071/2"3/4"49/64"1-3/4"3/8" Square53907
185910813mm3/4"49/64"1-3/4"3/8" Square53908
18591099/16" / 14mm7/8"13/16"1-3/4"3/8" Square53909
18591105/8" / 16mm7/8"13/16"1-3/4"3/8" Square53910
185911117mm1"1"1-3/4"3/8" Square53911
185911211/16"1"1"1-3/4"3/8" Square53912
18810593/4" / 19mm1-1/16"1-1/16"1-3/4"3/8" Square53913
18591133/4" / 19mm1-1/4"1-1/8"1-3/4"1/2" Square53914
185911413/16" / 21mm1-1/4"1-3/16"1-3/4"1/2" Square53915
18591157/8" / 22mm1-7/16"1-5/16"1-3/4"1/2" Square53916
185911615/16" / 24mm1-7/16"1-3/8"1-3/4"1/2" Square53917
18591171"1-7/16"1-3/8"1-3/4"1/2" Square53918