Impact SCREW-GRIP™ Double-Ended Screw Extractors

Impact SCREW-GRIP™ Double-Ended Screw Extractors #1876221

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Impact SCREW-GRIP™ Double-Ended Screw Extractors Features:

  • DoubleLok Technology™ ensures both ends of bit lock securely in impact drivers and quick-change chucks, enabling use of a single bit to remove stripped, damaged or rusted screws and small bolts in three easy steps: drill, flip bit, and extract
  • Manufactured with M2 high speed steel and extra-hardened for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers
  • Tip of drill end is designed to start fast with minimal walking, and tip of extractor end is serrated for increased torque to remove even the toughest bolts and screws

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Item #DescriptionOverall LengthTip LengthExtractor LengthRemoves BoltsRemoves Screws
1876221DE-12"0.13"0.15"10-12 / 5mm4, 5, 6, 7
1876222DE-22"0.13"0.15"1/4" / 6mm8, 9, 10
1876223DE-32"0.13"0.15"5/16" / 8mm11, 12, 14