2550 Magnetic Box Beam

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2550 Magnetic Box Beam Features:

  • Thick-walled high-grade aluminum frame provides extreme durability and resists jobsite wear and tear
  • Continuous Edge increases level durability ensuring accuracy over time, protects center vial, and allows for continuous scribing
  • Plumb Site® offers dual-sided, undistorted viewing in the plumb position and easy, more accurate plumb readings
  • Over-molded rubber end caps provide shock-absorption, protecting the level's accuracy upon impact, and are removable for accurate leveling into corners
  • Rare earth magnets are 5X stronger than strip magnets and allow for easy, hands-free steel construction work

Guaranteed Accurate for Life*

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*Guarantee refers to vial accuracy for the life of the product. Plumb Site® is a trademark of Kapro Industries, LTD.

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Item #DescriptionLength
17940622550 Magnetic Box Beam Level16"
17940642550 Magnetic Box Beam Level24"
17940662550 Magnetic Box Beam Level32"
17940682550 Magnetic Box Beam Level48"
17940702550 Magnetic Box Beam Level72"
17940722550 Magnetic Box Beam Level96"
17940742550 Magnetic Box Beam Level Door Jamb Kit78"/32"