Metal Cutting Reciprocating Bi-Metal Blades

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Metal Cutting Reciprocating Bi-Metal Blades Features:

  • Cuts all metals including nonferrous pipe conduit, stainless steel and sheet metals
  • Use with materials 1/8" - 1/2" (3.2 - 13 mm) thick
  • Bi-metal construction for faster cutting and added durability
  • Precision set teeth for faster, smoother cuts
  • Bi-metal tooth design makes the blade stronger and last longer

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Item #MaterialLengthTPIBlade ThicknessPack Qty
372118P5WeldTec Bi-Metal12"18.035"5-pk
372414P2WeldTec Bi-Metal4"14.035"2-pk
372414P5WeldTec Bi-Metal4"14.035"5-pk
372418P2WeldTec Bi-Metal4"18.035"2-pk
372418P5WeldTec Bi-Metal4"18.035"5-pk
372424P2WeldTec Bi-Metal4"24.035"2-pk
372424P5WeldTec Bi-Metal4"24.035"5-pk
372614WeldTec Bi-Metal6"14.035"1-pk
372614BWeldTec Bi-Metal6"14.035"25-pk
372614BBWeldTec Bi-Metal6"14.035"50-pk
372614P5WeldTec Bi-Metal6"14.035"5-pk
372618WeldTec Bi-Metal6"18.035"1-pk
372618BWeldTec Bi-Metal6"18.035"25-pk
372618BBWeldTec Bi-Metal6"18.035"50-pk
372618P5WeldTec Bi-Metal6"18.035"5-pk
372624WeldTec Bi-Metal6"24.035"1-pk
372624BBWeldTec Bi-Metal6"24.035"50-pk
372624P5WeldTec Bi-Metal6"24.035"5-pk
372818WeldTec Bi-Metal8"18.035"1-pk
372818BWeldTec Bi-Metal8"18.035"25-pk
372818BBWeldTec Bi-Metal8"18.035"25-pk
372818P5WeldTec Bi-Metal8"18.035"5-pk
BM672624BWeldTec Bi-Metal6"24.035"25-pk