Replacement Parts

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Replacement Parts

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Replacement Parts Features:

  • Exclusive parts for Vise-Grip locking tools including springs, adjusting screws, chains and pads

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Item #Description
2071910Adjusting screw for 10R, 10WR, 10CR, 20R, 310S, 12LC, 11R, 11SP, 11HD, 18R, 18SP, 24R, 24SP, and 10LW
4008Replacement spring for 10R, 10WR, 10CR, 11R, 11SP, 11HD, 20R, 310S, 12LC and 10LW
40153Two pair large, blue soft pads, fit swivel pads on 11SP, 18SP, 24SP, 310S, and 318S
2071907Adjusting screw for 7R, 7WR, 7CR, 9LN, 8R, 9R, RR, and 7LW
4022Replacement spring for 7R, 7WR, 7CR, 9LN, 8R, 9R, RR, and 7LW
4935309Replacement spring for 18R, 18SP, 24R, and 24SP
4050Replacement spring for 9DR and 9SP
2071905Adjusting screw for 5WR, 6LN, 6BN, 6R, and 6SP
2071904Adjusting screw for 4WR, 4LN, 4SP, and 4LW
40EXT18" / 455 mm extension chain for 20R
40REP18" / 455 mm replacement chain for 20R