The Original™ Locking Wrenches

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The Original™ Locking Wrenches Features:

  • Heavy duty jaws lock on to three sides of a hex fastener and will not slip or mar
  • Designed to replace up to 16 wrench sizes
  • Includes a built-in wire cutter
  • Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work. Stays adjusted for repetitive use
  • Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability
  • Classic trigger release designed to provide maximum locking force

Replacement Parts

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Item #Jaw CapacityModelSize
21-1/8" / 29 mm10LW10" / 250 mm
43/4" / 19 mm7LW7" / 175 mm
89/16" / 14 mm4LW4" / 100 mm