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Tools by Trade: Masonry

IRWIN Tools manufactures and distributes a broad assortment of professional tools for the masonry trade professional. For instance, IRWIN offers a full line of masonry drill bits, including the all-new SpeedHammer POWER Masonry Bit. Made of premium steel, with 2X more carbide in the tip, the SpeedHammer POWER bit is optimized for high-speed cutting through rebar-reinforced concrete. IRWIN also offers many products that are essential to the masonry professional, such as fastener drive tools and with a full line of marking and layout tools, including chalk reels and levels.

Masonry FAQ

What will remove the permanent staining chalk?

The chalk is permanent staining and we do not guarantee that anything will ... read more

As a mason who works on large job sites, I have dropped a level and now the level no longer work properly. Does anyone make a stronger level?

First let me suggest that you always carry a box beam level. Typically, lev... read more

IRWIN Lettered and Numbered Drill Bits information:

Letter and numbered drill bits were developed to make up the gaps in betwee... read more