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Chalk Reels
An assortment of Irwin STRAIT-LINE chalk reels

High visibility chalk for a variety of applications

Pencils / Sharpeners
IRWIN STRAIT-LINE carpenter pencils available in soft, medium, and hard leads

Crayons / Holders / China Markers
Ideal for lumber, concrete, ceramics, and metal on oily, slick, wet, cold, or dry surfaces

Carpenter Chalk
Adheres to chalk lines for longer lasting, brighter marks

Railroad Chalk
Marks on metal, wood, concrete, cardboard, rubber, plastic, plus much more

Ideal for marking of metal surfaces

Floor Tape
6 mil pressure sensitive PVC adhesive tape that is striped for high visibility

Stake Flags
2-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 21" high visibility stake flags

Barrier Tapes
IRWIN STRAIT-LINE barrier tapes constructed of non-adhesive, non-conductive vinyl

Flagging Tapes
Ideal for construction, landscaping, excavating, identification of trees or hazards, and locating underground cables or pipe