Bi-Metal Snap Blades

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Bi-Metal Snap Blades Features:

  • Bi-Metal snap blades are produced through a patented process of combining two types of metal, spring steel and high speed steel.
  • Spring Steel allows the blade to bend without accidentally breaking.  It also ensures that the blade snaps cleanly on the score every time.
  • High-Speed Steel Delivers a hardened cutting edge that stays sharp 3x longer than traditional carbon blades.
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Item #DescriptionPack QuantityBlade Length
20864033 Pack Bi-Metal Snap Blades (18mm)3-Pack18 mm
208640410 Pack Bi-Metal Snap Blades (18mm)10-Pack18 mm
208640550 Pack Bi-Metal Snap Blades (18mm)50-Pack18 mm